Thursday, 22 October 2015

CIA Threatens 9/11 Researchers



  2. Well, the video and the events described are over four years old, the link to now takes one to a Japanese fashion blog discussing plancentas and plans to live alone.

    Of course, if you followed this story posted on, you would think it all happened last month:

  3. That guy had such a phony smile. I was waiting for the shape shift.


    Please ... read this article. Informations over 911, Mohammed Atta, Pentagon

  5. Watch how the buildings collapsed: Inside Job. No other physically possible explanation. We're well past taking stories about patsies and othe diversions seriously.

  6. Was British MP Michael Meacher murdered to cover up 9/11?

    Ex-Environment Minister and inspiration behind Corbyn had been pushing for a 9/11 official inquest

    This week Meacher suddenly dropped dead “after quite a short illness.” He had been in perfect health, and was mounting a low-key campaign to open an official inquest into 9/11 on behalf of British victims’ family members.

    Meacher’s death is just one of many – most notably that of WTC-7 demolition witness Barry Jennings – that were all-too-convenient for the forces behind the 9/11 cover-up.

    List of apparently assassinated 9/11 witnesses